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Doctor chem shop is a US based specialty chemical development and manufacturing company that focuses on supplying customers with reliable chemistry based solutions to their needs.

We Deal with different categories of research chemicals such as Cocaine, 2C-Series, AM-Series, Cathinones, Cannabinoids, Indazole Based,Sadatives and many others.We also the leading suppliers of the best recreational drugs such as MDMA powder and Crystals, and also Ecstasy pills.

Apart from research chemicals and recreational drugs we also supply other drug categories such as Painkillers, Stimulants, Psychedelics, Blotters and many others.

Whether a customer has a process development need, procurement need, or commercial supply chain need, Doctor chem shop promises to deliver value added solutions across the complete production life cycle.

Our chemical development capabilities have frequently proven to successfully offer our customers innovative and reproducible chemical solutions for their development and commercial production needs. We focus on delivering value through results oriented approaches that are designed to be cost effective, reproducible, on spec and on time… every time!
Through our absolute commitment to our customers,Doctor chem shop offers peace of mind in the supply chain.



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