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4-FA is named 4-Fluoroamphetamine, also known as 4FA 4-FMP; PAL-303; “Flux”; PFA). It belongs to the phenethylamine and substituted amphetamine chemical classes. Acts as a recreational drug

4-FA does not cause long-lasting depletion of brain serotonin, unlike its analogs 4-CA and 4-BA. This is thought to “reflect the inability of the fluoro-compound to be metabolized in the same way as the other haloamphetamines.

The subjective effects of 4-FA include euphoria which some find similar to the effects of MDMA, increased energy (stimulation), mood elevation, feelings of warmth and empathy, excessive talking, bruxism, and suppressed appetite (anorexic). The general course of effects involves primarily empathogenic effects for the first few hours, which fades out as increased stimulation develops over the next several hours.


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