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Risk Assessment

More than 1.5 mg of MDMA per kilo for men and more than 1.3 mg per kilo for women is too much (example: woman 60kg x 1.3 = max. 78mg of MDMA).

In the event of an overdose, various side effects can occur: jaw twitching, muscle tremors, nausea / vomiting and increased blood pressure. Also in case of an overdose, the body temperature rises more sharply and there may be hallucinations. During the days following the consumption of high doses of MDMA, depression, lack of concentration, sleep disturbances and lack of appetite occur more frequently. Regular consumption of large doses of MDMA is neurotoxic and increases the risk of irreparable damage to the brain.

Safer Use

If you are unable to have your substance tested, test a maximum of one-third of the tablet first. Many of the pills in circulation today are highly dosed.
After taking it, wait 2 hours, because pills containing unexpected active ingredients and whose onset of effects may be delayed are still in circulation.
Remember to drink alcohol-free drinks (3 dl / hour) and take breaks in the fresh air from time to time to avoid dehydration.
Accept when the effect is over, if you take it again, the toxicity of MDMA increases.

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